Press Report

Detecting sarcasm that plays off images
October 2016

Scientific American
Computers Can Sense Sarcasm? Yeah, Right
August 2016

Yahoo Blog
Creating Animated GIFs Automatically from Video
July 2016

Taiwan CTS news
Yahoo Taiwan deployed the new visual search app for online shopping
June 2016

Yahoo! Made an AI That Automatically Turns Videos Into Fire GIFs
May 2016.

NVidia DevBlog
Accelerate Recommender Systems with GPUs
May 2016.

Taiwan Nownews
Yahoo! Supermarket App powered product search with image queries
November 2015 (in Chinese).

Inside Taiwan
Yahoo! Supermarket provides "mobile visual search" app
November 2015 (in Chinese).

United Daily News, Taiwan
Buy with your photo: a new online shopping app
November 2015 (in Chinese)