Build products with AI

Product: Google Cloud's Speech APIs (Tech lead of Speech Quality)
Paper: [SLT'21], [ICASSP'21a], [INTERSPEECH'21a]
Product: Speech-to-Text On-Prem (Tech lead and manager)
Press Reports: Forbes, TechTarget, ZDNet.
Product: HelloVera AI for Question Answering (Co-founder and CTO)
Press Reports: [TechCrunch], [PodCast]
Product: Yahoo Mobile Fashion Search at Taiwan (Project lead)
Press Reports: [1], [2] [3] [4] (in Chinese)
Product: making IBM Multimeida Retrieval System (IMARS) 100x times faster (main IC)
Papers: [IBM R&D 2015] [ECCV 2012] [NIPS 2011] [ACMMM 2012] [PIEEE 2012] [CVPR 2011]
Product: Smart Supermarket Surveillance System at Tokyo (IC)


US Patents 8,639,042    9,014,420    9,165,217    9,251,434    9,471,851    9,659,258    9,659,560    9,672,814    9,734,166    9,911,223    9,947,073