Columbia University E6894, Spring 2017 (7:00-9:30pm, Wednesday, 627 Seeley W. Mudd Building)

Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Speech, and Language

Google Group

This Google group is the place students can discuss their projects or questions related to this course.

Computing resources


There is no required book for this class. But we'd recommend the following reading materials beyond the class:

GPU machines

You are enouraged to buy a GPU card (GTX 1080 or NVidia Titan X) and install it to your desktop.

Or you may use the GPU instance on the cloud. Paperspace endorses the students in our class a generous discount to use a dedicated GPU in their cloud.

  • Price: $120/month or $0.30/hour
  • How to use the discount: register an account on Paperspace and apply the promotion code to your purchase (promotion code to be accounced in the class).
Other choices include GPU instances on AWS, Azure, and Google cloud.


Deep learning frameworks We recommend iPython notebook for Python editor in the team collaboration.

Speech Recognition

Deep learning for ASR End-to-end learning

Audio Synthesis

Reinforce Learning


ASR dataset