Liangliang Cao

Staff Research Scientist, Google
Research Associate Professor (Affiliated) UMass CICS
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My long term research interest is to build machines that perceive the world better than human. Recently my research focuses on learning from noisy labels and attention models. I am best known for my work on computer vision, although I am also working on speech & language.

I like building new things on computers and mentoring students. I learned to build AI-based products from my industry experience at Google, Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft, and NEC Labs. I also co-founded a startup called HelloVera AI. I used to teach at Columbia University as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

I live in Amherst, MA with my wife and family, but I travel very often to NYC on a weekly basis.

I have served in the technical committee for a number international conferences. I am an associate editor of The Visual Computer and JVIS. I am a senior member of IEEE.

I won the 1st place of ImageNet LSVRC Challenge in 2010. I was a recipient of ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award.

Recent Writing

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